Borderless, Real .999 Fine Silver Screen, Carbon Fiber Supported

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  • 120″ Borderless  .999 Fine Silver Composition Screen
  • Diamond Infused Base Coat
  • Gain 2.0 – Contact for Custom Gain
  • Wide 14o° Viewing Angle
  • Half Gain Angle: 68° +- 2° from CL
  • Certificate Of Authenticity
  • True HD 16:9 Ratio
  • Ultra Smooth Surface Uniformity for Superior Micro Resolution
  • 1080p | 3D Active | 4K | Laser Capable Screen Systems
  • Digitally Encrypted Security Tagging
  • Ambient Light Rejection Coating
  • Certified Material Composition Data Report
  •  Encrypted Authenticity and Ownership Security Tag
  • Anti Bacterial, Fungal, Viral and Flame Retardent
  • Contact for any custom options


The Argentum Borderless 120″ .999 Fine Silver Screen in 16:9 Ratio with 2.0 Gain and an Ultra Smooth 4K Certified Surface

These are the most coveted screens in the projection industry. Often in residence for generations, these screens become worth multiple times what was originally invested.

Theses screens provide an investment towards stunning visual quality for more than a lifetime. Being the best is what Argentum Screens represent. From their stunning vivid color reproduction to the ultra-smooth, precise and high-resolution screen surface, from the hand-processed .999 pure silver formulation to the diamond-infused base in every Argentum Screen you can always expect to find the highest standards in our screen systems.