Ballistic Shield World's First Weapon Mounted Armor. Protect Your Neck and Face!

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The world's only weapon-mounted ballistic shield.

Level IIIA or Level III protection - 

Level III Shield Specs
Weight = 360 grams / .8 lbs. 
Thickness = 20.5 mm / .85 in.
This is for 1 shield.

These are specifically designed to stop the 7.62 x 39 ( AK47 )  5.56 x 45 (M16) M80 round and the 7.62 x 51 .308 NATO

Striker Shield is reversible to provide different FOV ( field of view ) Operator's choice of high and low profile.  

Complete set. Includes 2 Static Brackets designed for the 1913 Mil-Spec Rail standard. 2 Striker reversible shields and complete mounting hardware.  

Total Package weighs 680 grams or 1.49 lbs

Level 3A Shield Designed to Protect from .45ACP, .40, .357 sig, 9mm luger, .38, .380 and 22LR.

Each shield gives 30 square inches of protection to currently the most unprotected part of the body. 

Shields are designed to allow for a fully prone position without affecting target acquisition.

Fits static mount and quick release system brackets.  

Fits any Picatinny rail system including:
M240 Bravo
M249 Light Machine Gun
M4 Carbine