Hot Chocolate BBQ - Blue Ribbon Pit Master Secret Recipe

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" Most Delicious Sauce - Hands Down. " - every person who has ever tried it. 

Extremely rare sauce. It's very hard to get that BBQ pitmaster, fall off the bone flavor at home. This is the recipe made famous at every BBQ event. Stock up now while supplies last and never miss an opportunity to share the absolutely delicious and savory combo. With a hint of chocolate, an outstanding BBQ zing and the sexy, flavorful heat from our super-secret recipe you are sure to do no wrong with Hot Chocolate BBQ. Great for wings, ribs, chicken, burgers, and beef in all forms.

" Face Smacking. " - the guy with the sauce all over his face.

The heat is the best part because it's not a burn but an integral part of the whole flavor experience. It's addictive as hell. It makes you salivate for more. 

" What the hell just happened!? " - the lady who just finished her wings. 

All-natural ingredients of the highest quality. Non-GMO. No preservatives. All that really doesn't matter because you are gonna fiend for its unbelievable flavor like a crackhead in heat. Opening a bottle could unleash a portal to Hell, sucking all of humanity to a flaming death and you wouldn't bat an eye just for a taste.  

" $#!% just got real " - Hot Chocolate BBQ


* testimonials are for comedic relief
** The flavor is deadly serious.